Walk the talk, Live your culture!

From the first moments your customers are greeted over the phone or in your workplace they sense the culture of your business. It seems natural for customers to identify the environment they are doing business with even if they are speaking to a billing department. This is why it is important that employees are completely immersed in the culture and are encouraged to live it in the everyday interactions with colleagues, partners and third parties. Having an attitude that is consistent with the companies’ culture sends a positive message to customers about the brand. This consistency generates a feeling of trust and creates customers’ loyalty and faith in the businesses’ expertise. What if, after watching a few global warming documentaries, you went to buy a hybrid car. You were leaving the companies’ showroom when you noticed the salesman who helped you is actually driving a GM truck. What does that say about the company? What would you think about the brand and its credibility? yes, your staff is your culture!

Many companies send mixed messages when their  internal communication, style and attitude completely or partially contradict the spirit of their culture. The bottom line is that customers are unable to trust a brand that doesn’t reflect its own values.

Identifying your culture and hiring passionate people who represent it and sell it to the rest of your organization would position you as a subject matter expert in your industry…and unless you’re missing out big time in vital operational aspect you are really a step away from leadership!


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