Respect your customer, say I can’t help you!

How many times you heard ‘the customer is always right’ ? you probably heard it, used it (or at least thought about using it) recently. Well, now, to the important question: do you really believe it? do you really believe that as a customer, you should always be right? what about if you represent your company, do you think that your customers should think that they are always right?. From both sides, it doesn’t seem like a realistic thing to accept. Not only this theory survives within reputable companies without being noticed for its irrelevancy; but it also set unrealistic customer expectations and establishes the wrong kind of relationship between companies and their customers.

The cost of setting the wrong expectations for customers goes beyond losing business and spending a significant amount on complaint management and settlements. In extreme cases, it would even require an important investment in marketing to handle brand reputation and legal fees to address lawsuits.

Customers became well informed, they have have a gazillion products and services at their fingertips. To win their business, a company needs to respect and value them by displaying integrity, honesty and a straight forward attitude. Setting false expectations in the current business environment is seen as disrespectful at best.

Whether you are a large organization or a small business, if you are still  setting your customers expectations at a level you can’t reach, your customers will not wait for you to evolve! Let’s just hope it is not too late.


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