You need your angry customers!

How would  a business  go forward if  it doesn't know where it is ?

How would a business go forward if it doesn’t know where it stands ?

How can an organization evolve without continuous feedback from its market? Keeping in touch with your customer is a critical game changer. Companies who are continuously listening to their dissatisfied customers, specifically, are able to quickly adjust to their market, enhance their internal processes and even reinvent added value products or services. Not only will they be way ahead of the curve but they will also capture the largest market share. In the meantime, their competition may still be addressing immediate market needs, oblivious to complaints and negative feedback. To put it in the right context, customers’ negative feedback is the ‘make or break’ factor in any industry. One could be tempted to link success to negative feedback: food for thought…!


It is necessary to include feedback collection tactics (ideally through automation) in all sales phases (especially post sales). This, paired with external market intelligence and a short decision hierarchy will produce continuous improvement and a consistent performance, a.k.a “Leadership”.



2 thoughts on “You need your angry customers!

  1. donnapapacosta says:

    Excellent point! Organizations can learn a lot from their dissatisfied customers. I wish more would listen.

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