Customers need less choices, yes, less choices!

People have to make hundreds if not thousands of decisions on a daily basis in their workplaces, homes and even in their spare time. Companies that are interested in leading their market in the decades to come are the ones which will make it easier for potential customers to make a fast yet we’ll informed purchase decision. There is space to create businesses specialized in filtering and selecting products and services for customers/businesses. Insurance and travel industries already understood this new trend and are offering filtering services.

Customer spending some 'quality time' in a spermarket

Customer spending some ‘quality time’ in a supermarket

Companies should focus on developing well researched products and services and simplify their offer. Of course, there are many types of customers with different buying behaviors but they will all agree that time is money and that the ideal product or service is one that is easy to find, easy to buy and easy to use. So it is time to offer less to create added value. Many businesses don’t realize that less is actually more!



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