Dear Social Media user, smile, you’re making history !

Everyday social media interactions shape our world.

Everyday social media interactions shape our world.

As social media users we are responsible of the environment we create through our actions, interactions and feedback. Even when clicking on a video on Youtube, whether you like it or not, your view is added to other views to rate that video higher in popularity. The same goes for Facebook pages, even if you are against an idea, you could like the page just because you want to discuss and convince others about your point of view. This will still make this page a popular one. Clearly, each click, even on the unwanted side, matters. This leads us to think that we, as social media users, have this amazing power to promote or destroy ideas and people which in turn slowly but surely changes our world. Yes! Social Media users are changing the world, at least, the way we perceive it and that’s a fact. Social media is now considered a source for traditional media stories while a decade ago it was rather the opposite.

Now, how we shape our world is in our hands as a global entity. The challenge with giving a global entity so much power in defining our world is that the ‘ruling will be for the fittest’ in the absence of a global ethical code that protects the human morals we worked so hard to achieve. The fittest can be defined as the richest, the most able to influence and the hungriest and these definitions are never good news for humanity as we know it.

Pay close attention to your social media interactions; they are more likely shaping your grand-kids lives…


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