Go out and have fun…but don’t forget your Smartphone!

We are slowly, consciously or unconsciously, replacing regular activities with activities linked to social media. We may think that we can add a virtual aspect to our lives, but in reality, social media isn’t an addition but is rather a substitution. Think of it as pouring sand in a glass of water, the sand does not ‘coexist’ with the water. It soaks it in.

Another important aspect of social media is that it transforms the way we live outside of it. This happens when a bike ride around the city becomes an opportunity to post Instagram pictures of your city. Hobbies, passions or even simple daily activities are now sharable content that is created to appeal to a wider network, wider than just ourselves or our direct circle of family and friends as it used to be.

Are we more into activities that could make a sharable content rather than a genuine (sometimes boring) activity where we seek our own exclusive satisfaction? Is social media revealing our vital need for attention, praise and appreciation?


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