What’s social about social media?

If you’re reading this post you have at least a twitter account and whether you’re an active user or not, you contribute to the expansion of social media. Looking at comparative pictures displaying a family dinner in say the 80s’ and family gatherings in the social media era, we quickly notice a major addition in the scene. social media in restaurants Mobile devices revolution made it possible for everyone to stay connected with friends and with the world wide web all day long. It is no surprise nowadays to have four people in a room and no interactions at all.

Have you ever thought that by taking part in social media interactions you could be promoting fewer direct human to human interactions? I hope this will not stop us from sharing interesting content on the web or communicating with our digital network but rather prompt us to reflect of what is important in our lives. Without a plan for why, how and when to use social media, we should be prepared to a major revolution in lifestyles and in social values and interactions. Are we prepared for such a change?



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